Mindset Coaching for Ambitious Course Creators, Coaches and Consultants

Revolutionize the way you achieve success with a fusion of action and mindset for repeatable and sustainable results.


I help female coaches & business owners amplify their mindset, accelerate their success and activate their confidence.

I am passionate about helping women who are ready to scale unlock their mindset to step into the leader who embraces her inner power to be truly unstoppable.

I know that skillset has gotten you the success that you have experienced and I also know that mindset, with aligned action and simplified systems will get you to the next level.

I am here to challenge you to stretch into your limitless legacy and to make sure you have the mindset, action and strategy to support it.


Here's how we can work together

Facebook Community

A supportive community of women ready to be trailblazers and take action. A community to support the bold, badass women building their legacy while living their wildest dreams.

Elevate Program

A program designed for female entrepreneurs to lead their business with bravery, amplify your mindset, accelerate your success, activate your authentic confidence while owning your throne online.

Private - VIP Coaching

1:1 container designed to gain clarity on the next steps, create powerful shifts by rewiring your subconscious and uproot negative emotions or limiting beliefs to unlock real transformation.


"Working with Jenae on a breakthrough session was amazing! I went in kind of skeptical and not really knowing what to expect. After a session I came out of it with a better understanding of why I was feeling how I was. Limiting beliefs had been taking over without me really even noticing it. Working with her through the questions was really eye openings and seemed to simple but so effective. I went from not having a clue what I wanted in life to having direction after out session which was huge for me!! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with Jenae and am excited to work with her again!"

- Lindsay

3 Day Mini-Course

Lead your Business with Bravery

What you'll Gain:
✴︎ Shift your Identity
✴︎ Boost your Confidence
✴︎ Become the Fearless Leader
✴︎ Know your Next Step

Connect with other female entrepreneurs making bold moves.

Take the next BOLD step

Enrollment is currently open for Intentional Success

This 10 week group coaching experience is by invitation only, to get more information and see if it is a good fit.